High-Angle Rescue After Window Washer Scaffold Collapse at Hearst Tower

RAW VIDEO/NO AUDIO: A scaffolding accident at the Hearst Building in New York City has left two workers stranded high above ground Wednesday afternoon. The NYFD has been trying to get the workers to safety.

FDNY responded about 2:40 PM ET to a report of a scaffold collapse at the 45th floor of the Hearst Tower at 57th Street and 8th Avenue.

A wide metal scaffold buckled in the middle, which put it in a “V” shape. Two men are on each side of the buckle inflection point. Both men are wearing safety harnesses, while FDNY is preparing for a high-angle rescue with about 100 firefighters on the scene. Firefighters are expected to remove a window of the high-rise near the level where the man are trapped on the scaffold.


Rescue 1 and Squad 1 would be the units involved in Special Operations. Squad 18 and Ladder 4 also on the scene at 300 West 57th Street New York, NY.

No medical issues are reported involving the window washers. A special saw is used to cut the class with precaution that the glass does not fall to the street below. Firefighters on the saw and a crew assigned to bring in the glass, which is very heavy, are tied down so that they do not fall with the glass, if the glass would fall to the street.

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