Boyfriend Goes Absolutely Unruly, Violent After His Girlfriend Dances at a Strip Club in Superior, Wisconsin

Resisting arrest bodycam video from Superior, Wisconsin where a male offender was arrested after he cocked his fist and continued to resist arrest at the scene, at jail, and on the way to the hospital. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Police video begins as Super Police Department officers discover two people (male and female) that had just left a strip club in Superior, Wisconsin near Tower Avenue and 7th Street. The male and female were discovered walking in front of Hip and Ridge Construction at 708 Ogden Avenue. The construction business was not involved in the incident, but is located just east of the strip club.

Police officers do not escalate the encounter, but the male suspect escalates an encounter with a police officer who was asking him questions.

See additional details in the 20-minute video and text accompanying the video from Midwest Safety …

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