Truck Loses a Wheel and Causes a Kia Soul to Launch and Roll Over Mid-Air on Ronald Reagan Freeway in Los Angeles

A car was sent flying into the air, flipping over, after a tire from the truck next to it on a Chatsworth freeway flew off. YouTube Tips ⓘ

A pickup truck lost a left-front wheel and the wheel struck a small SUV that was passing to the left. The impact caused the small SUV to launch into the air and roll over mid-air, land on the front-end and roof, and then come to a stop upright on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in the Chatsworth neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The dashcam of Anoop Khatra’s Tesla captured the crash on the Ronald Reagan Freeway on Thursday, March 23, 2023. In the video, a dark Kia Soul is seen passing to the left of a white pickup truck with over-size tires on the right. Suddenly without any wobbling of the wheel, the truck’s front left wheel detaches from the axle and flies directly in front of the Soul.

The driver of the Kia Soul had no time to react before driving over the tire, sending the Kia Soul airborne to a height about the length of the Kia Soul and higher than the rooftop of the pickup truck. The car then landed on its front-end and roof, and rolled upright on the highway and was skidded to a stop. The wheel from the pickup truck then rolled into the back of the black Kia Soul that the driver was able to stop.

While this happened, the silver pickup truck skidded to the side of the highway.

There were no major injuries reported, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police and Fire Radio Scanners.