Firefighting Robot Tested at Hoopeston Tire Plant Fire

A firefighting robot from Purdue University was field-tested at a major fire at J&R Used Tire Service on Wednesday June 19, 2013.

The robot was used in areas of partial structure collapse, which is an area which is too dangerous for a human firefighter to perform. Purdue Fire Chief Kevin Ply explained that firefighters were a little skeptical at first, but were soon impressed the performance of the robot. One issue that needs to be resolved is rapid charging of the battery or rapid replacement of the battery. The test unit lasted about four hours with the current battery use.

Eric Dietz, Purdue Professor, College of Technology, is helping develop the robot for a Korean company.

Hoopeston (population 5,351) is in Grant Township, Vermilion County, Illinois. Hoopeston Fire Department is in MABAS Division 40 (Vermilion County) and 37 (Iroqouis County).

Videos from the fire on June 19, 2013 …

Aerial attack on J&R Used Tire Service in Hoopeston.

Hoopeston, IL Former FMC Fire… currently occupied by a tire recycling company.

Fire at J&R Used Tire Service on Wednesday in Hoopeston, Illinois brought 17 fire departments to the blaze and forced the evacuation of nearby residents. Video by Scott Anderson.

J & R Used Tire Service fire in Hoopeston, Illinois on June 19, 2013.

A major fire broke out at J & R Used Tire Service in Hoopeston on June 19, 2013 VCF

Hoopeston Illinois Tire Recycling Factory Fire on June 19, 2013.

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