VIDEO: One Man Seriously Injured by Shrapnel from Explosion During Demolition of Power Plant in Bakersfield, CA

View from the north end of the PG&E plant on Rosedale Highway in the Kern County Fire Dep Incident Command area. Projectile debris can clearly be seen flying out of frame left, to the East across Coffee Road where many spectators were seriously injured in the Lowe’s parking lot nearly one-quarter mile away (VIDEO CREDIT: ©2013 Eric James Swearingen).

Several people watching from the Lowes parking lot to the left of the video image were injured by flying debris from the explosion at about 5:48 a.m. Saturday, August 3, 2013. The videographer states he scouted several viewing locations (while on a bike). One of the locations included where the people were injured. The videographer was asked to move from the general area and relocated to the corner of Rosedale and Coffee.

One man reportedly lost a leg Saturday morning when shrapnel from the implosion of the old PG&E plant flew across Coffee Road and struck him while he watched the explosion from the Lowe’s parking lot, according to police. At least five other people received less severe injuries.

Bakersfield Californian: Video of explosions and the area where injuries occurred after the Bakersfield Power Plant demolished.

Bakersfield PG&E Plant Implosion/Explosion/Demolition (Explosion is immediately following 5:23/6:52).

Bakersfield PG&E plant implosion accident.

Bakersfield Power Plant Implosion! 8-3-13

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Police and Fire Radio Scanners.