VIDEO: Oxygen Tanks Explode in Rear-End Collision at Highway 115 and Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard, Colorado Springs

VIDEO: Compilation of two videos that show a large vehicle fire explosion caused by exposure of two oxygen tanks that were being transported in the front vehicle of a rear-end collision.

Colorado Springs police and firefighters responded to a car crash Wednesday. One car erupted in flames after it was rear-ended by another car at the intersection of Highway 115 and Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard.

A large explosion occurred just after the engine company arrived and passed the crash to get in position.

The driver suspected of rear-ending the first car was arrested and charged with a DUI (drugs)

The driver of the vehicle that was rear-ended was transporting oxygen tanks, and is reported to have suffered back injuries.

No public safety personnel or civilians were injured by the explosion, but two Colorado police cars and a Colorado Spring fire engine were damaged by flying debris from the explosion.

Colorado Springs is the second most populated city in Colorado with a 2010 Census population recorded at 416,427.

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