CBS: Is Los Angeles Prepared for the Next Big Earthquake

As the 20th anniversary of the devastating Northridge earthquake nears, Ben Tracy takes a look at California’s earthquake preparedness.

Government seismologist and Los Angeles Earthquake Advisor Lucy Jones explains that no point in the Los Angles area is more than ten miles from a fault.

January 17, 2014 is the 20-year anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, which killed 57 people and injured 5,000. The odds of Northridge-size earthquake in the next 30 years is 99 percent.

The Northridge earthquake struck in the San Fernando Valley about 20 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The epicenter was located in the community of Reseda, which is about three miles south of Northridge.

Northridge, CA Earthquake Jan 17 1994.

Northridge, CA Earthquake Jan 17, 1994.

Police and Fire Radio Scanners.