“Gas Tanks” Possibly Acetylene Bottles or Oxy-Acetlyene Cylinders Explode After Truck Crash

Multiple cylinders believed to be welding tanks explode.

Several people captured video of a truck crash in Russia, where the truck and cargo immediately caught fire, causing multiple flammable tanks/bottles to ignite and explode. Several of the bottles went ballistic and scattered fragments of the cargo of gas tanks across a busy highway. Witnesses report 36 of these gas tanks exploded over a period of about 10 minutes. Some of the bottles were projected like missiles causing a very dangerous situation for onlookers. There were no reports of any injuries. The driver of the cargo truck immediately ran into the woods.

Flat bed truck crash carrying flammable bottles/tanks.

About 36 of “gas tanks” (possibly oxy-acetylene for welding) exploded over a period of about 10 minutes after the crash. Some of them were even projected like missiles causing a very dangerous situation for onlookers. Fortunately everyone survived, including the driver who quickly ran into the woods.

An acetylene torch reaches about 6,000 °F (3,300 °C), the hottest known combustion of any gas mixture.

No confirmation available from official sources on the type of tanks, gas contents, date or the exact location of the fire. Some reports say the crash occurred on Ring Road in Moscow.

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