VIEWER DISCRETION: Suspected Bank Robbery Stopped After 45-Minute Chase in Tempe, Arizona

VIEWER DISCRETION: Helicopter aerial video shows a police chase that started in Avondale and ended (about 16:00 elapsed time) in Tempe, Arizona

A suspected bank robber that gave chase after fleeing a bank robbery and shot at police in the Phoenix suburb of Avondale was shot and killed at a PIT maneuver involving three unmarked vehicles.

The PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) trapped the suspect’s large black SUV. Two law enforcement officers involved in the PIT maneuver exited their vehicle and shot through the windshield and front passenger window of the suspect SUV, striking the suspect.

Avondale police said that the chase began about 11:49 a.m. (1:49 p.m. CDT) following the robbery of Credit Union West in Avondale. The suspects fled in a black SUV, and shot at police when police tried to make a traffic stop.

Two suspects were captured, but a third suspect fled on Interstate 10 toward Phoenix as Avondale police and later Phoenix police pursued the suspect’s black SUV. Much of the chase was captured on live news helicopter video from FOX 10. The pursuit continued through Phoenix on side streets, an alley and main arterials until it ended with the deadly shooting in Tempe. At one point the suspect dropped a package, where a woman appeared to slide a rolling fence gate shut after the package was dropped.

No injuries were reported at the bank, according to Avondale police.

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