Freight Train Hits Semi-Trailer Truck Tractor in Downtown Bangor, Pennsylvania

A train comes around the corner and the driver of a semi-trailer truck disregards the activated railroad crossing signals.

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A Norfolk Southern train H74, on a local run on Norfolk Southern’s “Portland Secondary” line was on its way to Portland, Pennsylvania and passing through Bangor Pennsylvania, when the driver of a semi-trailer truck pulled into the right-of-way and was struck on its passenger side front end. The train was traveling at track speed, (30 mph) and the engineer engaged the E-Brake moments before the collision. Although it was carrying 67 loaded cars, the freight train came to a quick stop due to the steep track gradient as the train was traveling through the town. No injuries were initially reported, and no fuels/chemicals were leaked during the crash. After the train was inspected and departed, Fast Lane wreckers used two vehicles to tow the battered Peterbilt tractor and the loaded wood mulch trailer.

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Injuries: None, initially

Property Damage Estimate: $Unknown

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