VIDEO: Initial Automatic Gunfire at Mass Shooting at Route 91 Harvest Festival from Upper Floor Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas police responded about 10:06 p.m. Sunday October 1, 2017 to a report of a mass shooting. Initially a police officer on the scene reported automatic gunfire. Las Vegas Police said they received calls that reported shooting from Mandalay Bay into the Roof 91 concert The shooter was located on an upper floor after shooting a full automatic weapon down into a concert venue. The shooter shot from a balcony down into an outdoor crowd at a Jason Aldean concert. The shooting occurred while Jason Aldean was performing. The numbers of dead and injured are expected to rise.

Initially police were searching for possibly two shooters. Police later discovered one shooter was involved. The one and only shooter is believed to be isolated and down as police closed in One shooter is down in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Fully automatic gunfire was shot at a packed venue, and possibly had a duration of about 20 minutes.

Two people were initially reported killed from gunshot wounds, but the deaths are believed to rise. At least another 26 people were initially reported injured after a shooting that began about 10:06 p.m.

An off-duty Los Angeles firefighter visiting Las Vegas and attending reported at least 15-20 people were killed The firefighter estimated.

The first reports of the terror incident were reported by a police officer on the scene about 10:06 p.m. PDT Sunday October 1, 2017.

About 10:07 p.m. the police officer reported seeing gunshots coming from an upper floor about halfway up the high-rise Mandalay Bay resort.

An Active Shooter Response by police was requested by 10:07 p.m.

Police reported multiple victims down at stage left at the Jason Aldean concert.

Next, multiple gunshot victims were reported on the east side of Mandalay Bay near the Route 91 Harvest Festival location.

Police reported multiple people with gunshot wounds were reported down at the concert venue medical tent by 10:10 p.m. PDT.

Police reported gunshot victims with wounds in the shoulder, leg and head.

Police were initially reporting victim injuries, but were asked by command to stop giving updates, and to focus on the shooter. A police officer was also shot.

Reno Avenue and Giles was a site of multiple victim — possibly after evacuation.

Multiple victims were reported near a church.

About 10:15 p.m. police reported shots being fired overhead with debris flying.

About 10:16 p.m. a police officer was reported shot. “Multiple, multiple victims were reported shot near a medical tent for the concert venue. One victim was found shot in the head. Police also reported a female found shot in the head.

A witness interviewed on Fox News reported seeing a surreal scene with curtains blowing out of a window on an upper floor with muzzle fire, and the curtains being shredded by gunfire.

The shooter was isolated to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, and police SWAT surrounded the shooter. Police blew open the door of the hotel room, engaged the shooter and killed the shooter.

Tropicana Boulevard was shut down about 10:19 p.m. PDT.

There were also reports of serious injuries from trampling as people tried to escape the shooting.

Fox News found a horizontal freezer in the street that was apparently used as a “gurnee” to transport wounded people away from the crime scene.

Police issued a warning on Twitter telling people to avoid the area around the Mandalay Bay Casino due to reports of an active shooter.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo press conference …

Shooter was on the 32nd floor and SWAT/police engaged the suspect, who was killed.

The shooter has been identified as a local resident.

A female Marilou Danly, Asian female 4’11” weighing 111 LBS is possibly associated with the dead suspect. A credit card with her name was found at the hotel room crime scene. [UDPATE: The female person of interest was possibly in custody by 3:30 a.m. PDT.]

Two vehicles were also being sought by police …

Hyundai Tuscon unknown color, Nevada license plate 114 B 40

Chrysler Pacifica Turing, Nevada license plate 19 D 401

[UPDATE: One or both of these vehicles have possibly been discovered.]

Police are asking for anyone with cellphone video to bring the video to police headquarters at 400 South Martin Luther King, Las Vegas.

A family retreat area will be directed from police headquarters.

Excess of 100 injured excess of 20 killed was in the initial press release.
[UPDATE: 50 killed, over 200 injured.]

Reports of shooting at other resorts or hotel were false.

Reports of explosives are false. The only explosive used was the SWAT operatives breaching the hotel doorway to isolate or neutralize the shooter.

Police announced at 1:35 a.m.

Two on-duty police officers were reported wounded. One on-duty police officer reported in critical condition.

Police officers that were off-duty and attending the concerted are reported killed and injured.

Police and Fire Radio Scanners.