City of Jacksonville Releases Wrong Sold Fire Ladder Truck to Transporter

The ITEAM exposing a major mixup by The City of Jacksonville. The city sold a used firetruck, but turned over the wrong truck. She contacted the ITEAM when she says the city has refused to right the wrong (News4JAX).

A woman, who flips used fire trucks, bought a 2004 Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department (JFRD) fire truck (#8746) on, but was delivered a 2002 fire ladder truck (#8649).

After a transporter delivered the wrong fire truck from Jacksonville to Tampa, the woman noticed the VIN did not match her documentation.

The city offered $1525, but Ms. Herndon, the new owner of the truck, wants the original truck that she purchased.

The City of Jacksonville told her the original fire truck has been surplussed, and is not available, and that they would like the original title back. The City of Jacksonville refuses to correct the situation, according to News4JAX.

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