What Would You Do If You Saw a Person Smoking at the Gas Pumps?

A guys smoking at a gas station is asked repeatedly by the employee to put the cigarette out. You must see how the story ends…hint: the station worker (at undisclosed location) got commended by the manager and received an LED TV as a reward, according to YouTube Channel Fun and Cool.

Monday, July 2, 2018 a man pulling up to a gas pump island at the Mobil gas station at Rand Road and Euclid Avenue witnessed a male driver sitting inside his vehicle right next to the gas pump nozzles, smoking a cigarette. A woman was fueling her vehicle with two passengers sitting inside her car with open windows on the other side of the gas pump island. The witness stopped his vehicle about 35 feet behind the smoking motorist, and announced to the driver three times in sequence, “Drive away from the pumps with that cigarette!” The driver immediately complied, and parked in a parking spot at the gas station.

So what would you do if a smoker failed to comply with getting away from the gas pumps with a lit cigarette?

The surveillance video above shows what a gas station worker at an undisclosed location did when a smoker refused to extinguish his cigarette at the gas pumps. The worker, wearing his employee’s red shirt, extinguished the cigarette with a fire extinguisher.

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Injuries: Unknown

Fire Damage Estimate: $Unknown

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For those that want to argue that gasoline doesn’t ignite a lit cigarette, you might find a video that shows gasoline liquid doesn’t ignite and cause a fire. However, the right conditions with gasoline vapors, including temperature, confined vapor space, and critical air and gasoline vapor mixture can cause a fire.

CBS Philly: A gasoline fire was started by men with a cigarette.

Gasoline overflowed while filling the tank on this motorcycle, and apparently ignited when gasoline hit the hot exhaust pipe at the Chevron gas station on Shallowford Road and Trickum Road in Marietta, Georgia. The motorcycle rider died days later.

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