Honey Oil Lab Fire on Pebble Beach Drive, Stockton, California

On March 14th, 2018, Stockton Firefighters responded to reports of an explosion in a residential neighborhood. Firefighters arrived on scene to flames showing from a two-story, single family dwelling. The home was being used for an illegal Honey-Oil Lab.

INTRO: Fire response raised to a second alarm. Two burn victims were burned over most of their bodies. Fire initially believed to involve a possible meth lab explosion and fire, but is determined to be hash lab or honey oil lab.

Engine 10 first on scene; reports a burn victim out front.

Engine 4 second on scene.

Engine 10 reports there is a second victim and that the fire involves a hash lab not a meth lab. Second ambulance requested.

Engine 6 assigned to water supply and EMS support; later assigned to back-up line.

Truck 4 assigned with two for search and two for vertical ventilation.

Battalion 2 on scene.

Firefighters discover the

Engine 7 on scene

Utilities secured.

Engine 4 assumes Division I with two lines.

Engine 4 reports the fire is knocked down. A small car fire is still burning.

Engine 2 assigned RIC (RIT).

Utilities cleared.

Engine 6 advances back-up in line to the second story behind Division I fire attack.

Smoke conditions difficult.

Engine 2 on scene for RIC.

Truck 2 assigned to interior search.

Garage wall blown and displaced about one-half foot (Delta Wall); firefighters warned to stay off garage roof.

Division I reports good knock on fire.

Car fire in the garage still burning, and crews report propane and butane tanks inside the garage.

Division I notified no entry into the garage allowed, and the car fire can be extinguish from the outside.

Engine 6 reports heavy smoke and high heat, but no fire and the attic clear.

Vent group punches multiple holes and heat and smoke dissipating.

Primary search complete.

Engine 7 reports holes in the second floor; securing the area.

+ + + + +

Injuries: Two burn victims; no firefighters injured.

Fire Damage/Property Damage Estimate: $Unknown

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