Be on Alert: Keeping Kids Safe During the Summer

Keeping kids safe during the summer is a major concern of parents everywhere. While these hotter months are filled with fun, it’s still important to take the necessary safety precautions. Check out these tips to make sure your kids spend their summer break having fun and staying in tip-top shape.

Always apply sunscreen

This is an essential step. Whenever your kid heads outside, take an extra moment to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Ideally, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside, and then reapply that same amount every two hours. If it’s cloudy out, don’t let the dreary weather confuse you—sunscreen is needed even when there’s cloud cover.

Keep them hydrated

Running around in the heat of the sun dehydrates your child at a much quicker rate. Stay on top of this, and make sure they drink plenty of water throughout the day. Even if they don’t feel thirsty, it’s crucial that your child drinks water often.

Protect eyes with sunglasses

Your child’s skin isn’t the only thing on their body that needs to be protected. Keep harmful UV rays out of their eyes with sunglasses. Whatever pair you pick, they should provide 100% UV protection, so the sunglasses eliminate any harm the sun can cause.

Wear helmets during bike rides

Even if your kids protest, helmets are a vital component of any safe bike ride. Ensure that the helmet fits well, so that it doesn’t slide off during the ride. The same rule goes for using scooters, skateboards, and roller blades. The size of the bike is important, too. A bike that fits them makes it easier to ride, which means a safer biking experience.

Never leave children unattended while swimming

Even just a minute of alone time in the pool can cause a disaster. Always keep an eye on your children when they play in or around any body of water. Keeping an eye on them all day can be tough, so if there are other adults around, make sure one is designated to watch the children at any given time. Safety precautions like these help immensely in keeping kids safe during the summer.

Use lifejackets near open water

To best prevent the risk of drowning, the use of lifejackets is a must. While it’s tempting to just go with floaties, make sure you use a child-sized lifejacket. They’re much sturdier, and not as easy for kids to slide out of.

Take breaks in the shade

Whatever fun you’re having in the sun, it’s important to take regular breaks in the shade. The hot summer sun poses several threats, including sunburns and sun stroke, so don’t overdo it. Whenever your kid is out in the sun for a while, take them to a shaded area to cool off with a glass of water.

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