7 Ways You Can Stay Healthy in the Workplace

If you work at a job where you spend a considerable amount of time sitting at a desk, giving your health the attention it deserves can be difficult. Somehow, it can be physically exhausting to spend the majority of your day stationary, whether you’re working on a computer or making sales calls. It’s important that you don’t let your work life take precedence over your well-being—and we want to help. Here, we offer seven tips on how to stay healthy at work.

1. Avoid Caffeine

Coffee is what gets many of us through the workday, but practicing moderation is best. Caffeine can ultimately cause an unwelcome crash later in the day, and the tolerance we build toward the drug causes us to drink even more. Try keeping other snacks such as bananas, trail mix, and yogurt on hand to help boost your energy.

2. Drink More Water

While we’re on the subject of your beverages of choice, water should ideally top that list. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should have a daily fluid intake of 15.5 cups, while 11.5 cups are recommended for women. Spread your fluid intake throughout the day to promote hydration and to prevent frequent trips to the restroom.

3. Have Healthy Snacks

Speaking of snacks, keep a few light, healthy snacks to graze on throughout the day. Items rich in protein will help you concentrate and feel awake. Many studies suggest that eating smaller meals throughout the day promotes healthier results, so consuming healthy snacks fairly frequently may be beneficial for you.

4. Don’t Eat Lunch at Your Desk

Lunch should be an opportunity for a change of scenery. Use that time to get away from your desk and eat elsewhere, whether it be in the break room or outside. When you get away from the area that focuses on productivity and concentration, you’ll appreciate the ability to really clear your mind.

5. Take Breaks to Walk

We recommend taking at least three short walks a day—before, during, and after lunch. Allow yourself some time to stretch and let your muscles loosen up. Use a device that allows you to track your steps so that you can make sure you’re staying active, such as a Fitbit.

6. Buy a Standing Desk

If you spend your entire shift at your desk, having the option of occasionally standing can be useful. Buy a converter desk so that you can choose whether you’d prefer to sit or stand and adjust your desk accordingly.

7. Manage Stress

Even when we love our jobs, we can still experience stress from time to time—especially when we spend so much of our day in the same environment. Figure out what helps you calm down, whether it’s meditation, white noise, or an essential oils diffuser.

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