How to Clean a Concrete Garage Floor to Keep Workers Safe

As commonplace as it may be for a garage floor to be caked with dirt and oil, it’s not necessarily safe. Excess dirt and grime can create a slick surface, which makes your work potentially hazardous. This is especially true for civil servants such as fire fighters. To ensure the safety and comfort of your team, learn how to clean a concrete garage floor.

Remove Obstructions and Sweep Debris

Before you can begin cleaning your concrete flooring, it’s crucial you get any extra items out of the way. While items that are bolted down may have to stay where they are, be sure to remove everything else to ensure you complete a thorough cleaning of the space. You’ll also want to quickly sweep up and brush off any dirt and debris floating around the floor to keep it from sticking to the concrete while you clean.

Tackle Stains with Specific Chemicals

Oil and grease can cling to porous concrete and leave you with a slick spot. Be sure to take some time to properly lift these stains from your floors for the best results. For grease and oil stains, generously apply a degreaser. After you let it settle into the concrete and react to the stain, scrub it as best as you can and rinse it with a pressure washer. For rust spots, it’s often beneficial to use a homemade combination of lemons and white vinegar to lift away the rotted metal.

Use the Proper Equipment for a Deep Clean

While you can take a scrub-brush to your concrete floors, a pressure washer is often the most efficient way to get a deep clean. The type of equipment you’ll want to use, however, is dependent on how much floor space you need to clean. For those who work in a garage, it might be best for you to use a hand pressure washer or even an industrial-sized cleaner.

Patch Any Cracks or Holes

To finish up your cleaning job, go over your garage floor and find any cracks and holes that need to be filled. Fixing these areas will reduce the risk of individuals tripping, and it makes the space a safer workplace for everyone there. Fill blemishes with your choice of epoxy paste and scrap it flush with the floor before it dries. Once it dries completely, take sandpaper to the filled area and wear it down further to level it with the floor.

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