Industries That Need High-Level Security

Security is a high priority for many industries around the world. Industries have multiple ways of going about security in their respective fields. They also tend to spend a lot of money on safety and protective measures. Learn about some industries that need high-level security in this article.

Government & Military

For obvious reasons, the government needs enhanced security because they deal with public officials. The same can be said for the military as well, as both of these industries receive threats from outside sources. The government utilizes state-of-the-art technology and 24-7 monitoring, which is typically done through control rooms with many displays to observe. There is also restricted access for government buildings, along with security guards to keep the buildings secure.


Another location where security is important is in hospital buildings. A hospital is responsible for hundreds of patients who need to be treated, both in the daytime and overnight. Unfortunately, hospitals are also targets of violence, which is why increased security measures need to be in place there. Some security tactics include alarm systems, emergency exits, and more.


From elementary to college, schools also require high-level security. Schools are threatened by both physical and cyber threats. Schools provide security by having public officials stationed at the school, along with emergency exits, alarm systems, cameras, and metal detectors. The school also houses personal records, such as grades, that can be hacked if the proper security system isn’t in place.


Banking is yet another industry that needs high-level security. The biggest reason is because of all the money that is stored there—this money makes banks a huge target for theft. To combat this, banks protect the money in the building with security cameras, access codes, and officers present in the building. Banks must also worry about security online, with the threat of hacking increasing.

Police and Fire Radio Scanners.