The Dangers of Holiday Drunk Driving

With more people traveling and celebrating throughout the holiday season, rates of car accidents increase. Drunk or impaired driving causes a good portion of these accidents. Stay safe this season by learning about the dangers of holiday drunk driving and what you can do to protect you, your family, and everyone else sharing the road.

What is Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving is defined as driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08% or higher, and it’s illegal in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. When you’re drunk, or even buzzed, your physical and mental faculties become impaired. A high blood-alcohol concentration negatively affects your judgment, depth perception, and coordination, which means you’re a danger to both yourself and anyone you come across on the road. If a police officer catches you driving while drunk, you will be charged with a DUI, fined, and you will likely have your license suspended. The best defense against a DUI is to never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. If you do get one, chances are you’re going to need SR22 insurance to retain your license and get back on the road.

Drunk Driving Facts

When holiday gatherings come around, more people report that they drink more heavily than they usually do. There are also more people traveling, which increases traffic on the road. Due to both of these factors—and due to an increase in patrols on the roads during the holiday—drunk driving statistics go up in December. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of the heaviest times of the year for fatalities caused by drunk driving.

Tips for a Safe Holiday

With increased danger on the roads, it’s important to plan ahead and stay safe when celebrating the holidays with friends and family. If you go out with a group, choose a designated driver ahead of time. Make sure this person is willing and able to get everyone home safely, and stick to that plan throughout the night. If you don’t have a designated driver, make sure you have information for a cab or other driving service stored in your phone. Even if you don’t drive drunk, you should still take some precautions to avoid the dangers of holiday drunk driving. Learn to drive defensively, and avoid the roads on heavy drinking days such as New Year’s Eve.

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