Safety Tips for Pipeline Workers

While pipelines provide a safe and efficient means of transporting resources, building and maintaining such pipelines can come with some risks. Pipeline workers face various dangers as they work with heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Due to the risks they face, it’s essential to adhere to strict safety rules and precautions to help prevent injury and fatalities. We provide some essential safety tips for pipeline workers.

Always check before digging

Hidden beneath America’s surface is an intricate network of pipelines, wires, and cables. Hitting one of these underground utility lines isn’t just extremely costly, it can also be life-threatening. It’s important to always ensure that your site is free of any utility lines before commencing a dig project. To do so, call the federally-mandated national “Call Before You Dig” number at 811 and check with your local call center to ensure that all lines have been marked.

Utilize “smart pigs”

Smart pigs are a type of in-line inspection tool that determine the condition of a pipeline. They can detect corrosion, cracking, and other issues with the pipe wall. They can benefit pipeline operators by helping them plan preventative maintenance and future repairs. To utilize this tool, it’s important to choose piggable valves—valves that have an inside designed to be inspected or cleaned by allowing the free travel of a pig—when selecting a valve for your pipeline application.

Forming industry workgroups

Forming industry workgroups is a great way to help improve safety in the pipeline industry. By communicating with other pipeline workers, you can share effective safety innovations as they arise. In doing so, multiple operators can adopt best practices to help improve the safety of the pipeline industry as a whole.

Utilize the latest technologies

Old equipment and technologies often work slower and less efficiently. In addition, they don’t have new safety features and improvements. To create the safest work environment possible for pipeline workers, it’s important to utilize the latest technologies.

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