3 of The Most Common Metalworking Injuries

Metalworking is an incredibly dangerous profession. Staff members deal with heavy-duty equipment that can cause severe harm if not handled correctly. Thus, supervisors need to train their employees to ensure they remain safe. This article talks about three of the most common metalworking injuries and what employers can do to prevent them.

Muscle Strains

Fabricators sometimes experience muscle strains. Employees in metal fabrication shops always have to bend over to load the machines. These workers also have to carry large pieces of sheet metal that put even more stress on their muscles. Luckily, there are ways around this issue. For starters, supervisors should consider investing in user-friendly equipment. Computer-controlled devices allow workers to input specifications, so people don’t have to make changes on their own. Newer machines do more of the work, so people don’t have to move as much and strain their muscles. Setups in the shop should also use furniture or equipment that prevents prolonged awkward postures.


Some machines in a metal fabrication have high-powered lasers. These lasers cut through thicker materials at a faster rate. Even though these laser features increase a shop’s efficiency, they pose a serious threat to employees. Metalworkers may get burned if they don’t know how to operate these machines. Again, there are steps that employers can take to minimize the likelihood of these problems occurring. For example, supervisors should stress the importance of regular device maintenance. Fabricators should know proper plasma cutting machine maintenance to prolong the life of the equipment and stay safe while they’re at work.


Professionals in the metalworking industry are also likely to get cut. Some of the tools used in a metal shop are incredibly sharp. After all, these devices must be strong enough to cut through different materials. Tools such as metal shears are incredibly dangerous if someone uses them incorrectly. Thus, employees should remain laser-focused while on the job, so no accidents occur. Also, supervisors should consider providing every staff member with the correct personal protective equipment. It’d be best if people had gloves, goggles, and a thick jumpsuit to wear while they were at the shop.

It’s a manager’s responsibility to keep their workers safe. Work-related injuries are grounds for a lawsuit, and they could result in a loss of production. Thus, industry leaders should be aware of the most common metalworking injuries and do their best to prevent them. Prioritizing safety will be better for everyone in the long run.

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