Technical Rescue Operation: Man Rescued from Grain Elevator at Elburn Coop in Morris, Illinois

VIDEO: Rescue of man that was trapped in a grain elevator in Morris, Illinois.

Morris Fire Protection & Ambulance District firefighter/paramedics responded on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 to Elburn Coop Morris Terminal, 200 Calhoun Street, Morris, Illinois to a report of a man trapped by grain in a grain elevator.

Firefighter responding received a report that a man was trapped in grain from about the waist down. The victim was reported to be conscious and alert.

The grain elevator, about seven-stories tall, can hold 220,000 bushel when full. On the day of the incident, the container was holding about 70,000 bushel. Rescuers entered through an auxiliary door, and used rescue chutes and an industrial truck vacuum to rescue the victim.

Newly purchased rescue chutes were used to get the young adult male out in about 30 minutes. He was able to walk out of the grain elevator. Lt. Ron Marx explained that rescuers trained about one year ago with the chutes, and the rescue at the Elburn Morris Terminal was the first used of the chutes locally. The chutes consist of a steel chute in four sections that are stacked and placed around the victim so that grain can’t continue to surround the victim. The chute sections can be latched and built around a victim.

Elburn Cooperative got its start in 1921. Local Elburn, Illinois farmers banded together to increase their capacity to acquire necessary products and services by pooling their resources. The original grain facility was constructed in the town of Elburn, where it capably served the needs of members until the 1970s. However, changes in agriculture meant bigger yields and increased storage requirements. Consequently, the modern Meredith Road grain complex was built and completed in 1978.

— Elburn Coop website

Lt. Ron Marx has certified State of Illinois experience as a Firefighter III, Fire Instructor III, Fire Officer II, Fire Prevention Officer I, Fire/Arson Investigator, and as a licensed paramedic. He also has experience with Hazmat Awareness training. Lt. Ron Marx is also experienced as a firefighter/paramedic on the Naperville Fire Department.

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