Firefighter Injured at Crash Scene by Oncoming Traffic Spinout on Icy Roads, Dayton, Ohio

DASH CAM VIDEO: While inspecting a crash on the median of US 35, a first and second crash on video threaten firefighters and police on the scene. The second crash on video hits Captain Barry Cron of the Dayton Fire Department.

A fire department captain is in good condition after initially being listed in serious condition, following multiple accidents on US 35 near Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. His condition was upgraded Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

Fire Captain Barry Cron was initially listed in serious condition after a series of crashes early this morning on a bridge along U.S. 35 near Gettysburg Avenue. Cron was on the scene with other firefighters where a vehicle overturned in the median.

Dash cam video shows a pickup truck crash into another vehicle that had already crashed. Cron approached the truck, which was resting on its side, to inspect the area and check for injuries. Another rescuer yelled a warning out to alert him that another vehicle had lost control and was headed for the truck he was inspecting. Cron tried to get away from the crash, but when the car hit the truck, the truck moved and threw Captain Cron about 20 feet to the ground and on the median guardrail.

He was transported to Miami Valley Hospital.

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