Fire Ops in High Winds: Mulch Fire Looked Like Burning Lava in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

ABC7DC Report from Upper Marlboro including interview from Prince George County Fire & EMS Deputy Chief Benjamin Barksdale

Marlboro Volunteer firefighters and Prince George County Fire & EMS responded about 8:00 p.m. Wednesday to a fire at Ritchie’s Landfill in the 2000 block of Ritchie Marlboro Road. A large mulch fire covered an area of about 100 feet by 30 feet. Most of the visible fire was extinguished overnight, but flareups and smoke continued to rise through Thursday morning.

Firefighting ops occurred under conditions of 30 MPH gusts. Winds ranged from sustained at 15-23 MPG and gusts up to 28 MPH — starting from the southwest and shifting to the northwest about midnight and overnight.

A massive pile of mulch has caught fire in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Fire crews are still trying to bring the fire under control with water and foam units, however shifting winds are making it difficult for the firefighters to put out the flames. Authorities say nobody has been injured in the blaze. Report by Sophie Foster.

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