Rescue on Steep Ravine in Avellino, Italy: Italian Tour Bus Crash Kills at Least 38

An Italian tour bus plowed through cars, crashed through the side wall of a highway bridge and plunged into a ravine, killing at least 38 people, authorities said Monday.

Firefighters from Avellino and Naples responded to a multiple vehicle crash on Sunday July 28, 2013 at Thirty-eight tourists were killed in a bus crash near the Southern Italy town of Avellino. The bus was westbound on A16 when it crashed with several vehicles near the exit of Baiano and then smashed through a barrier, and down a steep ravine about 100 feet.

Eleven people – including three children – were injured and transported to local hospitals. Two of the injured were reported to be in critical condition. State radio quoted Avellino police as saying the bus driver was among the dead.

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Drive to Mount Vesuvius (39.2 miles/63.1 km).

Avellino (population 54, 151) is about 6 miles northeast of Naples, Italy. Agriculture industry in the town produces tobacco, grapes and hazelnuts.

Avellino has suffered from seismic activity throughout its history and was hit by earthquakes on November 23, 1980 and February 14, 1981. Avellino has also received ashfall from numerous eruptions of Vesuvius, which is west-southwest by about 31.8 km/19.7 miles.

In the HBO television series The Sopranos, mob boss Tony Soprano had his family roots in Avellino, Italy. In the fictional television series Tony’s grandfather, Corrado Soprano Sr, a stonemason, emigrated from Avellino to the United States in the early 20th century.

Vigili de Fuoco Avellino (Fire Department)

Vigili de Fuoco Napoli (Naples Fire Department)

Police and Fire Radio Scanners.