Helmetcam Video: 2nd Alarm Fire in a Row House in Harrisburg, PA

Helmetcam inside house fire during a 2nd-alarm fire.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania fire companies responded on January 20, 2014 to a report of fire and arrived to find a row of 16 three-story homes of ordinary construction with one home well-involved with fire extending in either direction.

This video is from the helmet cam of Squad 8 A Platoon Pipeman Jeff ‘Skull’ Miller.

This is a great example of how we are routinely forced to work with low manpower to get the job done.

In this video this three story home has 2 firefighters assigned to it for a majority of the fire.

They are responsible for being both the engine and the truck.

We realize that some may not understand or support this practice, but when you have what you have you must learn to adapt and get the job done.

— Brian Bastinelli

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (49,673) is the capital of Pennsylvania, and the county seat of Dauphin County. Harrisburg is the ninth-largest city in Pennsylvania. The Harrisburg-Carlisle Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry counties has a population over 500,000.

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