Firefighters Leave Groceries at Costco to Respond to Call; Return to Paid Bill from “Air Force Wife”

THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS: A crew of Vacaville firefighters were shopping for meals for their shift at Costco over the Memorial Day weekend on May 24 2014, when they received an emergency call and had to leave their groceries and respond to the call. After returning to the store, they found a military wife had paid for the entire cart of food and left this note.


Thanks for being there for us!

Have a good weekend 🙂

from = Air Force wife

Firefighters were working on preparing a Memorial Weekend shift barbecue when duty called and they left on an emergency call.

“We’re hoping that that person would come by and let us thank them for it,” Battalion Chief Jeff Ryder told KTVU-TV.

The money that the firefighter’s saved was paid forward. Later that day they paid for flowers that an elderly couple were purchasing at Lucky’s supermarket.

The day after Memorial Day, they cooked a dinner for a WWII vet.

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