Detroit Fire Department: Fax Machine/Pop Can Dispatch, Bed Bugs and No Furniture at Detroit Fire Stations

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Medic 4 sits outside in their rig because bed bugs caused them to have to throw out their furniture. At Squad 6 moved into a firehouse that had ben closed, they had to get salvaged furniture from the old health department location. When Medic 4’s firehouse got bed bugs, they had to throw out their furniture in July 2014. They still have no furniture in September.

Bed bugs also invaded Medic 21’s firehouse, but it was treated within two weeks. Squad 5’s fire house also needs furniture.

Detroit Fire Department uses a fax machine and a falling pop machine to get emergency calls.

Although dispatch centers in Chicago suburbs might have their high-tech modern dispatch solutions fail temporarily, Detroit has a low tech/high tech solution that dispatches calls routinely. The method will surprise you. Detroit fire stations received emergency calls by fax. A piece of paper pushes a pop can filled with screws or coins off of the edge of the fax machine so the sound of the falling pop can alerts fire fighters and the received fax has the emergency call incident information.

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