Ambulance Drone Can Deliver an AED at 62 Miles Per Hour — Developed at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

TU Delft – Ambulance Drone simulation and description.

The Ambulance-Drone is capable of saving lives with an integrated defibrillator. The goal is to improve existing emergency infrastructure with a network of drones. The new type of drone can travel in a straight line to the destination, travel over 62 miles/hour (100 km/h) and reach its destination within 1 minute, which increases chance of survival from 8% to 80%. The Ambulance-Drone is guided by GPS to a mobile phone location within 4.6 square miles in under a minute.

Upon arrival to the scene, the drone folds up and functions as a toolbox with a variety of emergency supplies. Future implementations will also serve other emergency incidents, such as drowning, diabetes, respiratory issues and trauma.

Other possibilities being considered are delivery of poison antidotes and EpiPens.

Technical challenges include reducing the size and weight of the drones and payloads, improving the ability of drones to detect and avoid collisions with objects in their flight path, and preventing hackers or thieves from misrouting, disabling the technology, or stealing the drone.

The ambulance drone was developed by graduate student Alec Momont at Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology.

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Project Creator: Alec Momont –

Film Director: Samy Andary –
Cinematographer: Tomas J. Harten –
Actress: Rebecca ter Mors –
Actor: Roland van der Velden
Speed test drone clip: SkyHero –

Project Sponsor: Living Tomorrow –
Project Facilitator: TU Delft –
Project Chair: Richard Goossens
Project Mentor: Ir. Kees Nauta
Project Supervisor: Peter de Jonghe
Project Coordinator: Jurgen de Jaeger

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