Chicago Firefighter Struck by Aerial Ladder During on Grand Ave Near Near Leavitt St, Chicago

When fire extends beneath an aerial main of a Chicago Fire Department truck, the main is move, but strikes a firefighter working roof operations.

Chicago firefighters responded in darkness on March 23, 2015 to the block of 2200 West Grand Avenue for a commercial building fire when a resident in an apartment building across the street captured video involving a firefighter struck by an aerial main while working roof operations. The video was captured from behind a window across the street, shows firefighters working on the roof as the fire advances before the accident.

The firefighter, wearing SCBA, is shown working near a parapet wall (about 2:00 elapsed time) when he appears to be struck in the back by the aerial ladder that is being moved to avoid fire that has extended beneath the main aerial ladder. A part of the chimney with snow and ice falls next to the firefighter. The debris is seen falling to the ground, but fortunately the firefighter is not knocked to the ground. The firefighter is knocked into the parapet and drops his own body height to the roof surface. His helmet also falls to the ground below.

One firefighter suffered non-life threatening injuries in the fall on the roof. A second firefighter may have also been injured, apparently by falling debris, while standing on the ground below.

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Injuries: Non-Life-Threatening/Unknown

Fire Damage Estimate: $Unknown

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