Sand Springs Police Department Police Vehicle Rammed

Dramatic footage shows the moments a suspect in stolen vehicle rams a Sand Springs Police Department officer's vehicle:

Posted by KOKH FOX 25 News, Oklahoma on Monday, November 9, 2015

A video released Monday by the Sand Springs Police Department (Oklahoma) shows the scene of an officer-involved shooting.

Master Patrol Officer Matt Stacy attempted to stop Stacey Ann Bunsey, 41, who was driving a stolen vehicle through the parking lot of Northwood Fine Arts Academy. Sand Springs police say that Officer Stacy fired two rounds at Bunsey as her vehicle drove towards him and crashed head-on into his squad car.

Sand Springs Police Department said that Stacy intended to set up a tire spikes to stop Bunsey but was not able to because she was already driving towards the entrance and his patrol vehicle. The Sand Springs Police Dept. said that “when it became apparent to the officer of the suspect’s intent, he fired his weapon after shouting twice for the suspect to stop.”

SSPD went on to say that “both rounds were accounted for at the crime scene and did not involve the school which was over one tenth of a mile away.”

Bunsey climbed through her vehicle’s sunroof, and police had to taser her before she was taken into police custody and arrested.

Bunsey was accused of stealing a vehicle from Don Thornton Cadillac in Tulsa. She was arrested with a complaint of possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding a police officer, assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a police officer, DUI drugs first offense and resisting arrest.

By the time she approached the Northwoods Fine Arts Academy parking lot, Sand Springs police locked down the school and blocked the entryway with a patrol unit. But Bunsey didn’t stop and didn’t slow down.

Police say the officer Matt Stacy was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Matt Stacy has been with the Sand Springs Police Dept. since 2011,

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