Public Arguments on the Street During the Investigation Phase of the Charlottesville, Virginia Car vs. Pedestrian Killing

VIEWER DISCRETION for Graphic Language and Nudity: Arguments in the street with the crash scene in the background near Water Street and 4th Street, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Videos displayed on this page are not endorsements of any political ideology or behaviour displayed.

Daniel Duerst “Duerst The Wuerst” below describes himself as a center left, liberalish guy who goes around filming political protests, live bands, and other crazy, random, weird occurrences.

Videos below prior to fatal vehicle vs pedestrian homicide.

Viewer Discretion: Parking garage fight in Charlottesville, Virginia during Alt-Right march.

Viewer Discretion: Daniel Duerst reports BLM confronting with Virginia State Police in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Alex Jones Channel captured an image of a witness that described AntiFa and Black Lives Matter groups threw water balloons filled with a purple-bluish gooey substance consisting of urine, feces, paint and mace.

One witness claimed Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy instigated the clash in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Alex Jones Channel: This is a six-minute excerpt from the full-length live stream video of the Unite the Right protest which broke out into violence in Charlottesville, VA. This excerpt highlights attacks from the AntiFa and Black Lives Matter groups directed towards the Unite the Right protesters contradicting the false narrative being pushed by the mainstream media.

Viewer Discretion: Hundreds of white nationalists gathered to march to the Jefferson Statue at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on Friday, August 11. The following day, they faced off against hundreds of counter-protesters at Emancipation Park, and violent clashes erupted.

The Alex Jones Channel: Antifa uses its own violence as a warped false flag attack in order to provoke others into aggression, thereby justifying more violence

Police and Fire Radio Scanners.