VIDEO: Gang Member Charged with Attempted Murder Was in Rap Video About Homicide, Guns

A gang member accused of shooting a man and charged with attempted murder this past week appeared in a rap video on YouTube that was published on April 26, 2018 (video below).

Amanda Lonsfoote, age 28, who was charged with attempted murder, and accused of shooting a man in the chest and elbow at the Motel 6, 1450 East Dundee Road in Palatine, Illinois this past weekend, appeared as the lead “rapper” in a video that shows several characters holding weapons. Scenes with guns appear over 100 times. Some of the guns are equipped with laser sights. One or more TEC-9s or look-alike guns appear in scenes several times. TEC-9 guns are known for use by street gangs and organized crime syndicates with a feature of using a high-capacity magazine (e.g. 32-round magazine). Lonsfoote also raps about homicide and killing while holding a gun and flashing gang signs with her hands. Two scenes in the video show streets signs for Rand Road and Winslowe Drive in Palatine, Illinois — a northwest suburb of Chicago. The rap video is titled “Buddah G – Slide GMIX 🎥By Ryan Lynch (Official Video)” …

Read the article about the attempted murder case here …

Cardinal News Gang Member Charged with Attempted Murder in Motel Shooting on Dundee Rd, Palatine

See the video below to see the suspect and accompanying characters with weapons, and understand that the scenes are apparently on location in Palatine, Illinois. Viewer discretion is advised for graphic language and weapons displayed. Just remember you can’t unsee this.

Buddah G – Slide GMIX 🎥By Ryan Lynch (Official Video)

Amanda Lonsfoote, Palatine attempted murder suspectAmanda Lonsfoote, Palatine attempted murder suspect.

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