VIDEO: Train vs Car Crash at Grace and St Charles Rd, Lombard

On Monday January 14, 2019 just before 8:30 p.m., a driver stopped at a Lombard,Illinois railroad crossing captured on video the crash of Metra passenger train with a passenger vehicle after an 96 year-old female driver became disoriented and couldn’t get her car off the railroad tracks. A Lombard police officer and three Good Samaritans rescued her from her car before the car was hit by the train.

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Injuries: Unknown

Property Damage Estimate: Passenger vehicle totaled.

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Lombard police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 8:30 p.m. Monday January 14, 2019 to a crash involving a car and a Metra passenger train at Grace and St Charles Road.

Lombard police Officer Dan Herrera, and Good Samaritans Steve Spapperi, 19, and Justin Mueller, 24, and another man nearby rushed out of their cars to rescue the woman from the oncoming Metra train . Spapperi and Mueller, both of Lombard, saw Lazzara lose control and drive onto the tracks.

The Metra train crashed into a car on the tracks in Lombard just seconds after the elderly driver was rescued.

Antoinette Lazzara, age 96, who uses a cane, was also not able to walk on her own on the rocky railroad bed. Her rescuers were able to move her from danger without causing any serious injuries.

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