Top Reasons to Get OSHA Training

There are many things that can go wrong in construction work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers training courses to workers to educate them on construction safety. Training courses are typically 10 to 30 hours and can even be taken online. OSHA training can be a great thing for yourself, your employer, and those around you. Not only does it increase safety, but it can also save money, among many other benefits. If you haven’t gotten certified already, here are the top reasons to get OSHA training.

Looks Good on a Resume

If you are a construction worker who is looking for a new job, getting OSHA training can be a valuable addition to your resume. OSHA training tells employers that you have knowledge of being safe in a construction environment as you prepare a site. Plus, it’s one less part of training you need to do, which makes matters more efficient. So, be sure you include OSHA training on your resume and on work-based social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

Creates a Safer Working Environment

Maybe the top reason to get OSHA training is so you can create a safer working environment. Construction work is known for being dangerous, which is why OSHA exists in the first place. Being properly trained with a 30-hour OSHA course can keep both you and the others around you safe.

Saves Money

Doing OSHA training can also help save your employer money. This is mostly due to doing training in bulk, which can reduce costs in a big way. This also only encourages safety for your construction employer. Saving money is never a bad thing, either.

Opens Opportunities

If you get OSHA training, you can open up more opportunities for yourself. Many organizations might require an OSHA training certificate, and this being a requirement won’t be an issue for you if you already have the training.

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