Q13 FOX News Surrounded by a Mob During Civil Unrest in Seattle in June 2020

Video provided by Q13 FOX News in Seattle shows a mob interrupting news reporter Brandi Kruse as she was setting up for a live news feed during the protest.

Members of the mob told the crew they needed to leave, and accused the news crew of providing fake, Republican news.

The news crew decided to cancel the live feed and evacuate to a safe place, but the mob followed the television crew and told them that there were people in the mob that didn’t want to be on camera.

“When you start treating people with [expletive] respect, you can show up around here.”

— Unknown female identifying herself as a social worker

A woman claiming to be a social worker walked with the crew as they were trying to walk away to safety. She also screamed why don’t you think I care? I am a social worker! She also told the crew she lived here all her life, and that the crew needed to leave her city.

I want you to see this. I hope you will watch every minute so you can feel the fear we felt. So you can hear my tears at the end. This video was taken Monday, June 8, the night Seattle left the East Police Precinct to protesters. Our crew was targeted, stalked, harassed, and assaulted. The level of vitriol from one member of the mob, who claimed she was a “social worker,” was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. When elected leaders lump this type of behavior into what they’re calling “peaceful,” not only is it a lie, but it’s deeply offensive to those who have been subjected to it. I hope this video is spread widely. Seattle needs to do better.

— Brandi Kruse Q13 FOX News

WARNING: Explicit language.

According to Q13 FOX in Seattle Brandi, spent several years reporting on challenges faced by those living on the streets of Seattle, including mental illness and drug addiction. Her stories hit close to home in 2019 when her own father died after a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse. She revealed to viewers that he lived out of a motel room in the years leading up to his death.

Brandi holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Clashes between Seattle police, protesters Sunday night June 7, 2020.

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