Best Tips for Preparing Your Teen To Drive

Every parent wants their child to be safe behind the wheel. The best way to do that is to do everything they can to prepare their teens for the realities of driving a vehicle. For insight on some of the best tips for preparing your teen to drive, read our article below.

Practice Makes Perfect

Some parents make the mistake of letting their fear put their child in more danger. What do I mean? Parents who do not allow their child to practice their driving skills because they don’t want them behind the wheel are only doing them a disservice. The saying “practice makes perfect” is very accurate in the sense that your child is never going to have a full grasp on driving if they never get the chance. Allow them to learn by allowing them to practice. Nobody is saying that you need to take them on the interstate their first time out, but the local empty lot will do just fine!

Teach Vehicle Responsibility

Teaching your child about the many responsibilities that come with driving a vehicle is incredibly important. So many elements go into caring for a car, and teens need to know that before they start driving. Not only should they understand all the rules and laws of the road, but they should also know the costs that come with a vehicle, such as insurance, gas, and upkeep. An understanding of basic car maintenance is also valuable—a new driver should know when to change their oil and rotate their tires, as well as how to identify when something in the car isn’t working correctly.

For example, nobody expects a new driver—or any driver, for that matter—to know what a wastegate is. However, they should be able to identify that the wastegate is not working properly by how the car is running. Understanding the importance of being observant and aware of your vehicle is a necessary lesson for any new driver.

No Electronics Allowed

Absolutely no handheld technology should be accessible while driving. This rule is not just something you should educate your teen on but one that everybody should follow. Place any calls and text messages while the car is in park, not when it’s is moving. Many hands-free options are available for vehicles, but new drivers especially should just concentrate on the road and respond once they’ve reached their destination. As a parent, you can encourage this behavior further by refraining from texting or calling when you know your child is driving—wait until they arrive at their location.

Keep your child as safe as possible by using these best tips for preparing your teen to drive. Most of them are easy to implement, and they will make all the difference for your new driver. We promise that the more they prepare, the safer they will be!

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