The Hazards of Working in a Confined Space

Confined space is a dangerous situation many workers and public safety officials come across. Such spaces instantly increases the risk on the job for numerous reasons. To put yourself and others in the best position possible, invest in confined space equipment, follow OSHA standards, and enter the work environment with plenty of training and knowledge beforehand. Remain on the path to safety and protection by learning about the hazards of working in a confined space.


A major risk when it comes to working in a confined space is falling from substantial heights. Therefore, workers need to wear some form of protection when working someplace high. To avoid a fatality, invest in a harness that will keep you safe from a fall.


In confined spaces, you also run the risk of being in an atmosphere full of hazardous substances. Inhaling these substances can be fatal, which is why respirators are vital when working in such tight areas. Whenever you enter a confined space, make sure you have a respirator with you for protection.


You can also encounter extreme heat, which can lead to collapse or a stroke. While PPE is made to protect, there are instances when it could be doing more harm than good. If you’re concerned about the heat, make sure you adjust accordingly and give yourself enough ventilation to withstand high temperatures.


On the topic of ventilation, a lack of oxygen is another one of the hazards of working in a confined space. When you enter, your supply of oxygen might be limited and you run the risk of suffocating. Wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA units) can help you get enough oxygen. On the flip side, you could be an environment with too much oxygen. This is known as oxygen enrichment and can result in a fire or explosion.

Liquids or Solids

Workers can also fall victim to both liquids and solids. If working in confined cave near the ocean, for instance, water can become deadly and result in someone drowning if proper precaution isn’t taken. Solids can be anything in the environment that comes tumbling down to the point where it inflicts serious harm (tumbling rocks, boulders, or tree branches, for example.) Being mindful of a confined space’s surroundings is a major aspect of remaining safe during these circumstances.

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