5 Common Causes of Data Center Outages

Data centers play a major role in many industries, and when outages occur, they can cause a lot of harm. Therefore, IT departments around the world need to take many preventative methods to make sure safety remains intact. Learn about the common causes of data center outages and how to prevent them here.

Cyber Attacks

Any business is prone to cyber attacks, and data centers are designed with plenty of protection in place. However, there are many instances when cyber attacks are successful, and many times, that leads to a data center outage. In fact, cyber attacks might be the most common cause of data center outages, which is why cyber security is so crucial.

System Failure

Another threat that data centers face has to do with system or equipment failure. A UPS system might very well be the most important part of a data center, and there are times when outages can occur due to the battery. This is where preventative maintenance becomes even more crucial for stopping this common cause of outages in its tracks.

Equipment Failure

In addition to UPS system failure, there might also be issues with the equipment in a data center. This is where inspections become necessary because they can detect any problems with the equipment’s condition. Having the right pieces in place will lead to a data center that is less prone to outages, and that usually starts with assessing the equipment you are using.


Issues with a data center can also arise from literal outside forces, such as the weather. Though there’s no way to control the weather, you can take initiative by putting precautions into place in the event of a weather-related outage. This includes examining the exterior of the building where the data center is located, testing generators regularly, and performing more maintenance to ensure its integrity.

Human Error

Finally, data center outages can also occur due to human error. Errors are bound to happen, but you can reduce the frequency of them if you put the proper training in place. There’s plenty of room for error in a data center, but the more knowledge you have, the more you will be able to minimize outages.

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