Common Diesel Engine Problems That May Cause Accidents

Diesel engines are incredibly complex. Different components within these mechanisms that must run efficiently to keep drivers safe. Truckers ought to read about common diesel engine problems, so they can avoid potential problems on the road.

Failing Crankshaft Position Sensor

Diesel engines run differently than engines in other vehicles. Crankshaft position sensors send signals to a truck’s computer to determine how much fuel and air is needed for combustion. So, when your crankshaft position sensor is failing, that means your vehicle’s computer is getting an incorrect reading of how much air or fuel is required. Anyone who notices the following signs should contact a mechanic immediately:

  • Trouble Starting
  • Poor Fuel Mileage
  • Check Engine Light Comes On

Defective Glow Plugs

Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs like other cars do. Instead, automotive manufacturers put in glow plugs to help heat the engines and speed up combustion in the winter. However, things can become dangerous if glow plugs don’t work as intended. First, drivers will have difficulty starting their vehicles. Struggling to start the car can be especially dangerous when it gets cold outside because drivers may be stuck in a cold area. For this reason, people should ensure that their plugs are always working well before they hit the road.

Bad Exhaust Systems

Another common diesel engine problem that may cause accidents is a flawed exhaust system. Black smoke may protrude from the pipes, making it harder for people to see what’s in front of them on the street. A faulty exhaust system can also lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency, which may cause the car to stop and go. Since things can get so dangerous, drivers and fleet managers must look things over to ensure everyone’s safety when each route begins.

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