DASHCAM VIDEO: Semi-Trailer Yaw, Jackknife and Collision on I-15 Near Las Vegas

DASHCAM VIDEO: Pacific Auto Transport semi-trailer truck jackknife just misses personal vehicle while passing to the right.

Vehicle with a dashcam is traveling on I-15 in Las Vegas near the Sahara Avenue Exit (Exit 40) when the traffic came upon a Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) portable sign truck that had stopped in the middle of the left lane. Traffic is moving 65-70 MPH and starts to decelerate.

The driver passed a semi-trailer truck at right and could see the traffic coming to a halt. The driver reports there wasn’t enough room to get back into the lane on the right so the brakes were applied. The truck just passed arrived along side to the right and suddenly locked up the brakes, yawed the trailer and swerved left cutting right in front of the dashcam as the trailer started to jack-knife. Speed was no decelerated to about 50 MPH and the just cleared the dashcam vehicle by about two feet. The trailer appeared and passed with the back set of wheels apparently jumping up and across the right front fender of the dashcam vehicle.

The truck bounces off of the concrete center median, across five lanes of traffic and collides with a pickup truck.

The driver of the dashcam vehicle reports these cllose call accidents occur all the time on this stretch of road. The author reports that driver’s must stay alert way out in front of the vehicle at all times here, and believes there’s an average of 15 accidents every 24 hours along this stretch of road with about 87% of those occurring in the northbound lane. The author reports that seven hours prior to this accident a fatality occurred at an exit just north of here.

Video uploeaded on January 15, 2013 (Date of incident not documented).

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