Four Firefighters Taken Hostage by Gunman on Walnut Grove Way, Suwanee

GWINNETT COUNTY POLICE UPDATE FROM CPL. EDWIN RITTER: Police officers made contact with offender and exchanged gunfire with the offender just before 7:40 p.m.. Suspect is deceased. One police officer transported to hospital with a gunshot wound — apparently non-life-threatening. Explosion heard was explosive used to distract the offender and conduct rescue operation of firefighters.

VIDEO BEFORE SITUATION SECURED. Authorities in northeast Georgia say a gunman has barricaded himself in a home and is holding four firefighters hostage. Five firefighters on Wednesday responded to a medical call in Suwanee. They were taken hostage. One was released.

The police officer was possibly shot in the hand or arm. Firefighters suffered superficial wounds related to the initial flash bang “surprise element.”

Gwinnett County Police Department and Gwinnet County firefighter/paramedics responded to medical call that resulted in four firefighters being held hostage. Initially five firefighters were held hostage, but one of the firefighters was released by the offender to move a fire vehicle.

A SWAT call was active at the scene.

Residents arriving home from work or errands are not being allowed to enter their neighborhood — Walnut Grove.

The medical call was located in a neighborhood of mostly two-story homes about 35 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

Police northwest of Atlanta say the man who held four firefighters hostage on Wednesday was having financial problems and wanted his cable and utilities turned back on. The man was killed when a SWAT team stormed his home.

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