4 Safety Tips for Contract Truck Drivers: Conduct, Rest, Vehicle, Weather

People around the world rely on truck drivers now more than ever. Since people need to stay home, they depend on trucks to deliver the things they need. Businesses also count on trucks to keep them afloat. Since trucking companies are so busy right now, it’s even more important to keep drivers safe on the road. Here are four safety tips for contract truck drivers that will protect them during these unusual and challenging times.

Refrain from Reckless Driving

Trucks are massive vehicles. Drivers must be extra careful while driving these vehicles. Lots of trucks require drivers to make wide turns, and they can do serious damage to smaller cars if they’re involved in an accident. Consequently, refrain from reckless driving while you’re in a truck. Respect the size of the equipment and the damage it can cause. Adhere to the speed limits on the road, and try your hardest to stay away from other vehicles. Careful driving conduct will decrease the likelihood of crashes involving property damage or even serious injury and death.

Take Breaks When Necessary

Truck drivers are busier than ever right now. This increased level of activity has put a lot of pressure on drivers. Yet, even though things are stressful, employees must take frequent breaks. If you feel tired when you’re on the road, pull off to the nearest rest stop to take a nap. Sleep deprivation has a significant effect on a person’s driving. It’s your responsibility to know your limits so you don’t put yourself or others in danger.

Check Your Engine

Every company must do proper diesel engine maintenance before they allow a contract truck driver to use the vehicle. If a trucking business doesn’t check over their vehicles regularly, they’re making their drivers more vulnerable to problems on the road. Drivers should also learn about the mechanics of a diesel engine. The more drivers familiarize themselves with what’s under their engine hood, the more capability they will have to resolve problems when they arise.

Watch the Weather

Another safety tip for contract truck drivers is to watch the weather. If you aren’t comfortable driving in severe weather conditions, don’t. Ask your employer if there’s a way you can reschedule your route for when things are safer. If you find yourself stuck on the streets when bad weather strikes, drive carefully. If you can’t see out of the windshield, pull over in a safe spot where you won’t be hit by other vehicles, and wait for the weather to clear.

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